Our Story

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Our story began with a simple wish; to create a functional wellness beverage that was 100% organic, pesticide-free and good for the body. We made it our mission to create a loose leaf tea by taking the oldest herbal remedies and blending full spectrum hemp-derived CBD to create a unique recipe. Together, we have made something so incredible, it had to be shared with the world. 

Sippy Hippy is where organic herbs and the medicinal benefits of hemp-derived CBD meet, creating a unique tea experience we hope will change your appreciation for tea. 

Our one-of-a-kind teas are blended using only nature's purest ingredients. Delicate flowers, bold spices, and full spectrum hemp-derived CBD are carefully combined to create an extraordinary burst of flavour that will leave your taste buds wanting more. 

We are on a mission to change the world to be a healthier and happier place, one sip at a time. Join us, cheers!